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Recycle Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is a detrimental to our environment. Recycling is the only way out. We need to recycle plastic in order to reduce the harm we are causing to the environment.

Recycle E-waste

E-Waste or Electronic wastes are discarded electrical or electronic devices which damage the nature and affect human and animal health. We ensure safe E-waste disposal.

Recycling is A Must

Recycling is very important and has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials so that resources are preserved.

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India's Leading Producer Responsibility Organisation

Recycle India Foundation is a country-wide organization, currently spread across 29 states, 3 union territories and over 60 cities. Through our technology enable e-waste management program, we provide producers and global brands with comprehensive Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) services. Here is a snapshot of our presence.

Our Recent Projects

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Rag Picker Initiative

Rag pickers are responsible for recycling almost 20% of the country’s waste. Globally, studies show the most critical link in waste management supply chain is the RAG PICKER.
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Recycling PET Bottles

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a highly recyclable plastic resin and a form of polyester. It is a polymer created by the combination of two monomers: modified ethylene glycol and purified terephthalic acid.
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Safe Plastic Disposal

As eco-friendly citizens, we must ensure safe disposal of plastic waste. When disposed of in the right manner, the plastic waste gets recycled responsibly and does not cause harm to the environment.
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Paper Recycling

Paper recycling pertains to the processes of reprocessing waste paper for reuse. Waste papers are either obtained from paper mill paper scraps, discarded paper materials, and waste paper material discarded after consumer use.
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Plastic, a very common element, a very part of our daily life, is in fact harming the environment everyday more than we could ever imagine.Plastic has become a threat to the environment because we are misusing plastic and are not recycling it on a daily basis. Thus, the way to deal with plastic is recycling them and re-using them which will thus stop the requirement for any more new production of plastic.


Wastes are unwanted and unusable materials that are discarded away. These wastes are harmful for us and is damaging and polluting our environment day by day. The amount of waste needs to be reduced to a minimum to protect and preserve our nature and our very own environment which gives us a healthy atmosphere for our own existence.

Carefull disposal

Plastic is a very important part of humanity. It is used everywhere from shopping bags to mobile covers. But the worst part is that it is harming our environment the most. It is non-biodegradable and the safest way to deal with it is re-using it as much as possible so that the production of new plastic can be ceased once and for all.

Recycling Centres

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Current Campaign

Plastic Bottles: Are they really bad?

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  • Dont blame the city for being dirty. Be responsible and stop littering waste. Remember plastic waste can be recycled if you stop throwing them around. #RecycleAndReuse #LitterFreeIndia
  • Recycled plastic are used for a variety of applications. This includes cloth making, mattresses, pillow covers, and more? Craving for a ‘recycled gift’ now?@see post
  • Nurture the recycling sapling! Nurture that habit in you and save the planet from the toxicity of the millions of tons of waste we dump on it daily. #Recycling #Recycleplastic #SaveEnvironment
  • The rag pickers are the real reason why India can recycle a huge amount of the millions of tons of plastic waste generated annually? They are the real heroes saving our environment and protecting nature from limitless toxicity! #Recycling #Recycleplastic #SaveEnvironment@working Heroes of RecycleIndia
900 Metric. T
Generated Waste/year
14lacs Mt.
Recycling Capacity

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