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Frequently asked questions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Recycle India Foundation?

environment in adherence to the global recycling laws, to raise awareness about responsible disposal of e-waste and plastic waste, reduce e-waste and plastic waste generation and encourage recycling of e-waste and plastic waste.

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What are the harmful effects of plastic waste?

Plastic can take up to 500 years to bio-degrade, which means that it can impact the environment adversely if not recycled responsibly. The environment is impacted in the following manner:

  • Burning of plastic waste emits toxic gases
  • Plastic waste thrown on land makes the land infertile and pollutes groundwater
  • Plastic waste flows into oceans and adversely impacts marine life
  • Littered plastic waste gives unaesthetic look and choke drains during the monsoon season
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How to dispose of plastic waste responsibly?

disposed of in the right manner, the plastic waste gets recycled responsibly and does not cause harm to the environment. Please follow these Do’s and Don’ts for safe plastic waste disposal:

  • ase gather and dispose of dry plastic waste separately. Further, please do not mix it with wet waste or with other dry waste like paper/cardboards, etc.
  • Please do not throw plastic waste in open areas or rivers or other water channels
  • Wherever segregated bins are available, ensure plastic waste is disposed of in the appropriate bin.
  • You may contact the authorized plastic waste collector of your area to collect plastic waste from your homes.

What happens when plastic waste is disposed of responsibly?

Plastic comes in two forms i.e. recyclable plastic and non-recyclable plastic and both are disposed of through separate methods.Recyclable plastic is used to create:

  • Plastic furniture (tables, chairs, stools)
  • Different types of bags (shopping bags, school bags, travel bags, etc.)
  • Household items (buckets, mugs, jars, etc.)
  • Stationary items and parts of electronic appliances

Is thermocol plastic? How to dispose of thermocol?

the same method of plastic disposal. Please ensure that the thermocol left behind after unboxing any electronic product is disposed of in a safe manner. For disposal, you may contact the authorized plastic waste collector of your area.

What about other packaging material like cardboard or paper?

Waste cardboard and paper are not considered as plastic waste. They may be disposed of either in segregated bins marked as “paper & cardboard” or through the normal daily dry garbage collection process followed in your area.

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